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We put you in control and strive to support your relationships with your clients. Ultimately, the investment solution you choose for your client comes down to suitability. We can’t make decisions for you but we’re here to help with:

  • investment insight and support
  • performance and analysis
  • fund manager access
  • personalised investment proposals
  • investment reviews


We’ve made important information even more accessible through our webinar series, now you can listen to our latest updates at a time that suits you.


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10 November 2022

Alan McCarthy, Head of Distribution, is joined by Mohneet Dhir, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager with Vanguard, who provides an investment market update and outlook. 

12 November 2020

Learn about the launch of Standard Life’s ESG Solutions, allowing investors to align their values with their


12 October 2020

David Bint, Multi-Asset Investment Specialist in Aberdeen Standard Investments gives an update GARS.

29 September 2020

Stephanie Kelly, Senior Political Economist with Aberdeen Standard Investments discuss the likely scenarios that could play out for Brexit and the US elections and their implications for markets.

10 September 2020

Jean Young, Senior Investment Strategist with Vanguard Asset Management explores the common pitfalls and biases clients must overcome to achieve their long-term investment goals

21 August 2020

James McCann, Senior Global Economist with Aberdeen Standard Investments, discusses the impacts of Covid-19 on the global economy and Aberdeen Standard Investments’ views on the rally in risk assets.


9 July 2020

In this two part webinar, Brendan Barr, Head of Investment Solutions, introduces the Barclays Structured Deposit, a new lower-risk investment solution. Then Janice Nevin, Technical Consultant, discusses the tax treatment of termination payments.

27 May 2020

Katie Trowsdale and Joe Wiggins, Portfolio Managers of the MyFolio Funds, will explore the drivers of fund performance year to date, current views on markets and the outlook for investors.

15 May 2020

Stephanie Kelly, Senior Political Economist with Aberdeen Standard Investments, discusses the potential impact of politics on Aberdeen Standard Investments latest macro-economic and market views.

Vanguard Market Update

30 April 2020

Dr. Peter Westaway, Vanguard Chief Economist, Europe and Head of Investment Strategy Group, Europe, will cover how markets have been performing and Vanguard's future outlook.

Investment Fund Update

3 April 2020

Alan McCarthy, Head of Distribution at Standard Life will be joined by a panel of investment experts from Aberdeen Standard Investments for a brief update on how our key funds have been performing.

Macro Market Update

20 March 2020

Paul Diggle, Senior Economist with Aberdeen Standard Investments, discusses recent market movements and the potential impact on economic growth going forward in light the escalating coronavirus outbreak.

Introduction to Vanguard Investments

11 March 2020

Ben Burton (Vanguard Asset Management) discusses how they manage index tracking funds.

2 March 2020

David O’Brien, Investment Director with Aberdeen Standard Investments, discusses recent market movements and the potential impact on economic growth going forward in light the escalating coronavirus outbreak.



Our approach gives you choice

We believe diversified portfolios offer the best potential for long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Our investment offering gives you access to a wide range of asset classes, investment styles and investment managers to support your proposition.


Achieving long-term returns through responsible investing

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) investing is focused on building a brighter, sustainable future for us all and generating long-term investment returns through the allocation of capital across assets that meet strict environmental, social and governance criteria. By working together we can achieve these goals. You can read more about our beliefs and those of our investment partner, Aberdeen Standard Investments, here.

Pension adjustment order (PAO)

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