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Pension adjustment order (PAO)

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Turning company profit into personal wealth

A pension is essential for your client’s long-term financial plan, both personally and for their company. It provides efficient tax relief and is one of the best ways of turning company profit into personal wealth.

Key benefits:

  • Savings on corporation tax as company contributions can be treated as a business expense
  • No benefit-in-kind, no income tax, PRSI or USC on company contributions 
  • Early retirement - Your client can retire between age 60 and 70, or from age 50 if they are a 20% director and surrender their shareholding

As with all pensions, your client’s pension grows tax free, contributions qualify for tax relief and they can avail of tax free cash at retirement, subject to Revenue limits.

Read our Funding Opportunities for more ideas on which of your clients you should contact.

Funding at the point of retirement - John

Funding after age 70 (lump sum) - Keith

Funding after accessing benefits - Diarmuid

Funding after age 70 - Jane


Standard Life is open for QROPS business

If your client has worked in the UK at some stage of their career, they’ll probably have invested in a UK pension. Now that they’re back living in Ireland, they may wish to bring their pension home and have more control over their investment options, both now and when they retire. Please contact your Business Manager with any queries.


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