Their Second Life. Their Way.

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We want to support you by providing tools that will allow customers look forward to the future with confidence. The Second Life campaign can help you do just that.

Second Life Questionnaire

Help your customer discover what their Second Life will look like and plan for it financially.

This questionnaire helps customers think about what they want their Second Life to look like and what is truly important to them. Asking questions about the non-financial aspects of retirement allows customer to form a clearer vision of how they’ll spend their free time. The clearer their vision, the easier it is to provide them with the financial support they need to make their Second Life a reality.

View our Second Life Questionnaire

In the video below, Executive coach Gearóíd Hardy takes us through each question and shows how you can help your customers plan for their Second Lives. 

Second Life Questionnaire

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Second Life Guide

This guide breaks down the product and planning information customers need in the run up to retirement.

View our Second Life guide


The Second Life Service Team can help prepare customers for the Second Life they wish to lead, and make retirement something to look forward to by:

  • answering common queries
  • helping them prepare for some of the non-financial aspects of their Second Life
  • reminding them it’s essential to interact with their adviser at this time

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We want our customers to look forward to their future with confidence.

Meet our second lifers by watching their stories below.

 William story William is now doing what he loves and starts every day with an easy heart.    


 A lightbulb moment is what led Grainne to her Second Life.
Roland story Roland’s Second Life has opened up more time to spend with the people that mean the most.