Their Second Life. Their Way.

Help your customers paint the picture of what their Second life will look like so that you can help them plan for it financially.

The new Second Life questionnaire helps you do just that.

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In the video below, Executive coach Gearóíd Hardy takes us through each question and shows how you can help your customers plan for their Second Lives. 

Second Life Questionnaire

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Providing you with the right tools will allow you to help your customers look forward to the future with confidence; but dont just take our word for it, meet our second lifers and hear their stories. 

William is now doing what he loves and starts every day with an easy heart.

Second Lifer William Harvey

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A lightbulb moment is what led Grainne to her Second Life.

Second Lifer Grainne

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Roland’s Second Life has opened up more time to spend with the people that mean the most.

Second Lifer Roland

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