Global Real Estate Fund

A new way to invest in commercial property

Global Real Estate Fund

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Commercial real estate can be an attractive investment opportunity given its stable income return and potential for capital growth over the long term, along with the valuable diversification benefits it can offer. 

Up until now, it’s been difficult for Irish investors to access a direct global property portfolio. 

The Standard Life Global Real Estate Fund can help your clients achieve this objective.


Go global

The Global Real Estate Fund aims to provide investors with long-term growth from a combination of income and capital appreciation.  

It invests in:

  • Direct real estate

    - Tangible “bricks and mortar”
    - Stable rental income
    - Commercial property including offices, retail outlets and industrial buildings

  • Listed real estate

    - Shares in companies that own manage and develop properties

  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)

    - Invests in property and is traded on the stock market

  • Real estate investment funds

    - Gain access to other countries and sectors


Why choose the Global Real Estate Fund?

  • Global opportunities

    - Wide range of sectors, assets and countries
    - Flexibility to choose best return opportunities

  • Diversification

    - Uses both direct and indirect global real estate investments
    - Helps to reduce risk

  • Investment flexibility

    - Available across our range of Synergy Pension, Savings and Investment products

  • Stable income

    - Financially secure long-term tenants

  • Capital appreciation

    - Direct property can appreciate in value over time