Total Return Credit Fund

Investing today


A world of low returns is challenging for investors. Many are looking for solutions that have the potential to generate higher returns without taking significantly higher levels of risk.

The Standard Life Total Return Credit Fund looks to address this.




Total Return Credit Fund

The Standard Life Total Return Credit Fund aims to make a total return for your clients through a combination of:

  • generating income and
  • capital appreciation.

It's key objectives are:

  • Receive better returns from credit portfolio
    A return objective of 6 - 8% pa over the cycle. 

  • Reduce portfolio volatility
    Tailored strategies that aim to reduce volatility and potential drawdowns.

  • Receive income
    Constructing a diversified portfolio of our best global credit investment ideas.


Why choose the Total Return Credit Fund?

  • Higher return potential
    The fund seeks to maximise the potential return from credit by choosing our best individual credit investment opportunities, brought together in a diversified way.

  • Reduce volatility
    Uses the credit selection expertise of Standard Life Investments' global credit team and the risk management insight of the multi-asset investing team to focus on reducing the overall volatility of the fund.

  • A broad credit investment universe
    Invests in fixed income sectors, including global investment grade corporate bonds, global high yield, asset-backed securities, emerging market debt and sub-financials.