Our plan for Brexit

The proposed changes to our business

We can’t predict how the Brexit negotiations will unfold but we can provide certainty about the future of your customers' policies with Standard Life. 

To do this we're making significant changes to our business: 

  • We’re proposing to transfer our policyholders in Ireland, Germany and Austria from our Scottish company, Standard Life Assurance Limited, to our Irish company, Standard Life International dac. We’ll follow a legal process, known as a Part VII transfer to do this.
  • If no changes were made, it is possible that as a UK company, Standard Life could be stopped from servicing our European policyholders.
  • The legal process began on 25 September 2018. We’ll keep you updated as our plans progress, here’s how we expect them to happen:

     Proposed Brexit Timeline


How we can help your conversations with new customers on Brexit

When you’re recommending Standard Life to customers talk to them about our Brexit plans. This pre-sales flyer will help you do that. It sets out everything your customers need to know in simple terms

Our plans for Brexit- Pre-sales flyer

Our Brexit strategy has been designed to meet our customers’ needs, to provide them with certainty when they need it. In October 2018 we sent them a letter and a legal booklet setting out the details of our proposal.

Brexit booklet

Customer letter for policies taken out after 1 December 2001

Customer letter for policies taken out before 1 December 2001 



Our Brexit strategy has been designed to meet our customers’ needs

We’ve developed customer supports so that we can address any query or concern customers may have.

  • Customers can get more information or ask us questions on our dedicated website https://standardlife.eu
  • They can call our dedicated phone team with any queries they may have. Customers inside Ireland can call Freephone 1800 719841 or outside Ireland 0044 131 246 8380


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