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Risk questionnaire

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The risk questionnaire is not suitable for clients who are unwilling to take any investment risk.


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MyFolio funds

The MyFolio funds are a family of multi asset risk-based funds, offering a choice of investment styles across five risk levels:

  • Lower risk - MyFolio I
  • Lower to Medium - MyFolio II
  • Medium - MyFolio III
  • Medium to Higher - MyFolio IV
  • Higher risk - MyFolio V

They are available in two investment styles, MyFolio Active and MyFolio Market, through our range of savings, pensions and investment products.

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We have a wide range of funds across different sectors, with different volatility ratings.

They are available through our range of savings, pensions and investment products.

The volatility ratings for our Funds are calculated using the European Security and Market Authority (ESMA) guidelines, which use a 7 point scale to rate funds based on their 5 year annualised volatility. These ratings are regularly reviewed and may change over time.


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Self-Directed Options

If you receive a gift, you may have to pay Gift Tax on it. If you receive an inheritance you may have to pay Inheritance Tax. Both these taxes are types of Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT).

With our Self-Directed options your clients can invest in:

  • Deposits
  • Stockbroking
  • Direct Property


Deposits are available through the self-directed option on Synergy pensions and investments

Your clients can choose from a range of demand and fixed term deposits from a panel of deposit provdiers.

Synergy product charges apply, including a managment charge of 1% per annum. Your client's return will also be affected by the commission structure you have agreed.

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Execution-only Stockbroking

Your clients can invest in a choice of quoted shares, government and corporate bonds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and other securities, through Stocktrade, the execution only division of Brewin Dolphin Limited.

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Direct Property

Your clients can buy residential or commercial property in Ireland or the UK through their pension fund with us.

Your client chooses the property and we arrange the purchases and management of the property on your client’s behalf.

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