Pension adjustment order (PAO)

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A great start to your client's retirement journey

For clients who pay income tax at 40% and invest €1,000 in a pension, the net cost is €600 when they claim tax relief on eligible contributions, within Revenue limits related to age and earnings.

That's equivalent to a return of 66% on your client's net contribution.


Return After 40% Tax


Making the most of tax relief

  • Boost and increase contributions as regularly as your client can afford
  • The deadline for completing tax returns is 31 October 2017 for postal returns and 14 November 2017 for online returns

This assumes 100% of your client's contribution is invested in the pension.


Make pensions easier by choosing MyFolio

MyFolio are a range of multi-asset risk-based funds, offering you and your clients a choice of investment styles across five risk levels. So, why choose MyFolio for pensions?

  • Easy to understand
  • Your client’s investment is looked after by a team of experts at Aberdeen Standard Investments
  • Strong long-term performance


MyFolio for pension planning

Why MyFolio for pensions



Pension season pricing all year round

We've made improvements to our pricing options that could mean big differences for you and your clients.

  • A high allocation of 104% for single contributions of €10,000 or more, for pensions with a term of 10 years or more

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