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Structured deposits

June 2020

We know from adviser and customer feedback that there is a demand for lower risk investment solutions. The new Barclays Six Year Euro Structured Deposit may be suitable for some of your clients looking for a lower risk option.

Barclays Six Year Euro Structured Deposit

The amount invested in this structured deposit will be repaid at the end of the six year term by Barclays. The interest payable at maturity by Barclays on the deposit amount invested will depend on the performance of the Euro Stoxx 50® Index.

 Key facts at a glance

  • term: six years
  • the minimum interest payment is 0% CAR and the maximum is 25% (3.79% CAR)
  • minimum deposit: €20,000
  • maximum deposit: €250,000
  • closing date for application is 4 August 2020 or earlier if fully subscribed

CAR is the compound annual rate


See structured deposit key features for more information.

This deposit is available through the following products (single premium only):

  • Synergy Investment Bond
  • Synergy Personal Pension
  • Synergy Executive Pension
  • Synergy Buy Out Bond
  • Synergy Regular Invest
  • Synergy Approved Retirement Funds/Approved Minimum Retirement Funds
  • Synergy Portfolio approved retirement funds/Portfolio approved minimum retirement fund (for top ups only)

As an adviser, it is your responsibility to ensure that your client has sight of and understands the specific structured deposit Key Features document and Key Information Document (KID).

For all new business including switches and top-ups an Instruction to switch/invest in a structured deposit form needs to be completed.