Enhanced-Diversification Growth Fund

A smoother investment journey 

What are diversified growth funds (DGFs)?

  • DGFs invest in a broad range of assets to target equity-like returns but with a lower level of portfolio risk.
  • Aim to deliver capital appreciation
  • Medium to long-term investment timeframe
  • Lower volatility than equities

A diversified global investment fund which is dynamically managed by Standard Life Investments.

  • Seeks to deliver equity-like returns over a market cycle (typically 5 – 7 years) but with just two-thirds the volatility of global equities
  • A multi-asset growth fund
  • Utilises diversifying investment strategies in interest rates, currencies and relative value equities

Who would use EDGF?

Clients that should consider EDGF are those:

  • Who have a longer investment timeframe (5-7 years)
  • Who are seeking capital growth
  • Who are seeking higher returns
  • Who are seeking greater diversification
  • Willing to take some risk with their capital

A smoother investment journey

  • EDGF aims to grow our clients money while at the same time reducing some of the uncertainty from investing
  • Growth potential
  • Lower volatility than global equities
  • True diversification
  • Experienced multi-asset team at Standard Life Investments