Global Absolute Return Strategies (GARS) Fund

Smoother investment journey

GARS aims to make money irrespective of the outlook for markets. It can make use of a broader range of strategies which means it may even make money in markets that are predicted to fall in value.

GARS aims to provide a return that when averaged over three years, is equivalent to cash* +5%, before fees, although the fund manager, Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI) cannot guarantee this will be achieved.

Smoother investment journey
ASI aim to deliver GARS’ target with as little risk to your clients money as possible. The return target for GARS is similar to the return that has historically been achieved from a long-term investment in global equities. However, GARS is expected to exhibit much less volatility (a measure of how much prices rise and fall) than equity investments. The multi-asset team in ASI, who manage this fund, expect GARS to show less than half the volatility of global equities.


* As measured by the six-month European Interbank Offer rate (Euribor)



Why GARS for your clients?

  • Increase diversification
    By putting your clients’ money in a lot of different markets and types of investments, the risk is spread much further. In other words, GARS puts your clients’ eggs in many different baskets.
  • GARS aim
    GARS aims to make money irrespective of the market environment. The managers have broad discretion to hold those assets they feel have the best prospect of delivering a positive outcome.
  • An asset manager you can trust
    Aberdeen Standard Investments is a leading asset manager, managing €519.2 billion* of assets on behalf of clients worldwide. A team of over 90 skilled investment professionals take care of your investment in GARS.

  • Easy access
    GARS is priced daily so your clients’ can buy, sell or switch units on the same basis as for any fund.



*Source: Aberdeen Standard Investments, 31 December 2020