Global Equity Impact Fund

Investing for a better future

Global Equity Impact Fund

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The world faces numerous challenges, from climate change and poverty to inequality and pollution. At Standard Life we firmly believe that we can play a vital role in addressing these issues.

With the Standard Life Global Equity Impact fund, we aim to have a positive societal and environmental impact, while still delivering financial returns for investors.


Addressing the world's long-term challenges

The Standard Life Global Equity Impact Fund seeks to generate long-term capital growth by investing in a concentrated portfolio of 35-60 global companies which aim to create positive measurable environmental and/or social impacts.

The fund is broad in its intentions. It seeks to address numerous issues relating to climate change, rising inequalities and unsustainable production and consumption. It does this by investing in companies whose products and services are specifically designed to address the planet's long-term challenges.



Why choose the Global Equity Impact Fund?

It allows you to drive positive change by investing for a better future

Investing in companies that focus on delivering positive social and environmental impact gives you the opportunity to drive positive change in the world.

You can align your investments with your values

Impact investing allows you to signal your commitment as a responsible investor, while seeking a financial return. There’s no reason why investors cannot align their values of having a positive social and environmental impact with a positive financial return.

Private capital is needed to address global challenges

The most pressing global problems cannot be solved through charitable donations and government funding alone.  Private capital is required to address many of the global challenges.