Global Index funds

All the heavy lifting is done for you

Standard Life introduces five new Global Index Funds, with all of the underlying assets managed by Vanguard. Each fund is continually rebalanced; giving your clients certainty into the future. And all of these benefits come at a lower cost than you think.

The funds are regularly rebalanced so that the level of equities and bonds remains consistent, providing your client with confidence and certainty into the future.


Five simple solutions

Our range of funds have different levels of potential risk and return. Each fund offers a diversified blend of equities and bonds, built using Vanguard’s underlying index funds. They provide professionally constructed and diversified portfolios designed to help you meet your financial goals, whatever your attitude to risk.

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Assess your clients' attitude to risk

With the help of the Risk Questionnaire, you with your clients decide on the most suitable risk profile and select the appropriate Global Index fund.

Our questionnaire at a glance:  

  • Designed by leading experts in the field of risk analysis
  • Helps you meet compliance requirements
  • Produces a customised client report

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View the Risk questionnaire and Terms and Conditions

The risk questionnaire is not suitable for clients who are unwilling to take any investment risk.