Global Real Estate Fund

Go global

The Global Real Estate Fund aims to provide investors with long-term growth from a combination of income and capital appreciation.  

It invests in:

  • Direct real estate

    - Tangible “bricks and mortar”
    - Stable rental income
    - Commercial property including offices, retail outlets and industrial buildings

  • Listed real estate

    - Shares in companies that own manage and develop properties

  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)

    - Invests in property and is traded on the stock market

  • Real estate investment funds

    - Gain access to other countries and sectors


Why choose the Global Real Estate Fund?

  • Global opportunities

    - Wide range of sectors, assets and countries
    - Flexibility to choose best return opportunities

  • Diversification

    - Uses both direct and indirect global real estate investments
    - Helps to reduce risk

  • Investment flexibility

    - Available across our range of Synergy Pension, Savings and Investment products

  • Stable income

    - Financially secure long-term tenants

  • Capital appreciation

    - Direct property can appreciate in value over time