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MyFolio funds are a range of multi asset risk-based funds, offering you and your clients a choice of investment styles across five risk levels.

Why choose MyFolio? 

Cost-effective A cost-effective outsourced solution that allows you to focus on supporting your clients' investment objectives
 Range of options A range of options to explore your clients' risk profile and preferred investment style
 Long-term performance Long-term performance for each MyFolio fund corresponding to the level of risk taken
 Ongoing monitoring Ongoing monitoring and rebalancing gives peace of mind that your clients' risk and return objectives are being met
 Comprehensive adviser support Comprehensive adviser support, including monthly performance updates, webcasts and fund reports

Assess your clients' attitude to risk

With the help of the Risk Questionnaire, you with your clients' decide on the most suitable risk profile and select the appropriate MyFolio fund - the rebalancing and monitoring are all taken care of, giving you more time to spend with your client.

Our questionnaire at a glance:  

  • Designed by leading experts in the field of risk analysis
  • Helps you meet compliance requirements
  • Produces a customised client report

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View the Risk questionnaire and Terms and Conditions

The risk questionnaire is not suitable for clients who are unwilling to take any investment risk.


Choosing the right MyFolio fund

Once you have decided which is the appropriate risk level for your clients', you just need to select a preferred investment style or a blend of both.

MyFolio Active

These are actively managed funds that are looked after by abrdn.

MyFolio Market

These are mainly passively managed funds which are looked after by Vanguard and abrdn.


You can mix investment styles for funds of the same risk level, confident that your clients’ portfolios will stay within their chosen risk profile. This gives you the ability to create unique investment portfolios.


Supporting you and your clients

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