Execution-only Stockbroking

Your client may be able, through their Synergy pension or ARF policy, to invest in quoted shares, government and corporate bonds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and other securities, and trade online or over the phone with Stocktrade (with no advice from us or Stocktrade).

Stocktrade's service may be suitable for clients who:

  • have an understanding of financial markets and the investments associated with them
  • wish to select their own investment options.

It is not suitable for clients with no understanding of financial markets and the investments associated with them.

Before selecting this option, your clients must read and understand the Self-Directed Options guide as it outlines the allowable investments and charges associated with it.

Certain investments available through Stocktrade are deemed to be complex (for example, ETFs) and may not be suitable or appropriate for some of your clients. Stocktrade are required to assess your client's suitability prior to allowing access to these investments and may decline access if your client has insufficient knowledge or experience.

The investment options available through Stocktrade depend on the Standard Life product your client invests in. Stocktrade will provide access to investment information, such as risk rating or risk/reward profile, to help your client match their risk appetite and needs.

Through your clients' Synergy policy, with Stocktrade, your clients can: 

  • Invest in quoted shares, goverment and corporate bonds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and other securities
  • Trade online or over the phone on (01) 6397200 - Trading hours are from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday (Stocktrade is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and UK bank holidays).

Access to markets will vary depending on local opening hours, for example: Irish stock market trading hours are from 8am to 4.30pm. The US and Canadian markets trading hours are from 2.30pm to 9pm GMT


When we get your clients' application form, and they've selected execution-only stockbroking:

  • we'll open a policy cash account* within your clients' policy and transfer the money to Stocktrade. 
  • Stocktrade will issue a letter with a dealing code to your clients. When they receive it, they can start dealing. 

For more information on their service, see

Stocktrade client terms and conditions

Stocktrade TIPA service guide

If your clients are currently invested in a Synergy policy and now wish to open an execution-only stockbroking account, they'll need to complete a form Stocktrade requirements to open an account.

If your clients choose to invest in ETFs they'll need to complete an Appropriateness Assessment form.  

*The policy cash account facilitates the credits and deductions for all Self-Directed Options.  It is a deposit account provided by a third party.  For more information, see the Key Features document on the relevant product page and the Self-Directed Options guide . The interest rate payable on the policy cash account has been 0% AER since 5 August 2015.


To view online values of shares, bonds, other securities and ETFs bought through Stocktrade, use the link below.