Vanguard Funds

We've expanded our range of passive funds

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We’ve expanded our range of passive funds to provide you with a low-cost alternative to actively managed funds.

Our new index tracker funds are managed by Vanguard, one of the world’s largest fund managers with over 40 years’ experience in passive investing.

Who are Vanguard?

Vanguard is the second largest asset manager in the world with just under €4.1 trillion in assets under management and more than 20 million investors around the globe. They established the worlds first index mutal fund for individual investors in 1976 and has been a leader in low-cost index investing ever since.

Equity funds

  • Vanguard Emerging Market Stock Index Fund
  • Vanguard Eurozone Stock Index Fund
  • Vanguard Global Stock Index Fund
  • Vanguard US 500 Stock Index Fund

Bond funds

  • Vanguard Euro Government bond Index Fund
  • Vanguard Global Corporate Bond Index Fund