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Submit applications using DocuSign

Once registered to our platform you can start submitting new business applications


Register for our DocuSign platform

If you do not have a electronic signature solution in place, you can register and use the Standard Life DocuSign service to submit applications to Standard Life. There is no cost to advisers or customers for this service.

  1. Provide your email address, full name and company name to
  2. We’ll send you an activation link along with a password
  3. Click the enclosed link to activate your account

Click here for a full Step-by-Step guide to registering and submitting new business to Standard Life with DocuSign

How Electronic Signatures can help your business

Many financial institutions across the world have adopted electronic signature services for enhanced security, fraud protection, speed and convenience.

Clients understand that electronic signatures are a safer alternative to traditional signing. They’ve been quick to embrace the added security and convenience of the paperless service.

Standard Life accepts new business applications via DocuSign and other electronic signature services.


DocuSign How it works

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How to use your own electronic signature service

To use your existing electronic signature service, ensure that it includes a Certificate of Completion. Send your signed documentation including the Certificate of Completion along with any AML documents that may be required to the relevant email address below:

New Business Applications
Fund Transactions
Letter of Authority / Change of Agent
Trade SLIP Request