We have created a digital solution for you to interact with your customers when writing new business.

How to register for DocuSign

You can register in 3 easy steps:

  1. Provide your email address, full name and company name to 
  2. Our team will set you up as a user and send you an activation link along with a password
  3. Click the link to activate your account

You will then have access to DocuSign and our application forms, making new business submission more efficient for you and your customers.


Submitting new business

To submit new business through to our DocuSign platform you will need to:

  • Choose your application and click "use"
  • Identify signatories and complete the application online
  • Send application through DocuSign to your customer for e-signature and ID verification
  • Once all signatories have e-signed the form the file is marked "complete"
  • The file will automatically send to our newbusiness team for processing