Maximise Your Pension Season

Start Planning Your Clients' Pension Now


We want our customers to look forward to retirement on their terms so we're delighted to support your pension campaign this year.

By building futures together, we can help our customers plan for the life they want to live in retirement, their Second Life, their way.

Pension adjustment order (PAO)

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Use Client View to customise your pension campaign

  1. Log in to Client View and find your customers using the new Personal Pension filters
  2. Export your list to Excel     
  3. Download your campaign letter template and top up checklist
  4. Run a mail merge to populate your campaign letter with customer data from your list

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These new guides can help explain how making simple choices today can help customers plan for the life they want to live in retirement 


Your Pension. Your Way

Six things to consider for your clients’ pension contributions

MyFolio. A simpler solution to long-term investing


Application forms

Top up checklist

Synergy Personal Pension

Synergy PRSA


You can now avail of higher allocation on Synergy Buy Out Bond and Synergy Personal Pension.

  • Increase in allocation on Option B from 104% to 105%
  • Applies to €30,000+ with a term of ten years+
  • Open to new business and top ups to existing Option B policies
  • Applies to single contributions and external transfers in
  • Offer runs until 31 December 2019

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Talk to your Business Manager today about how we can help you run a targeted campaign with your clients on all the channels on which you have a presence.

New pricing offers

Allocation of 105% on Synergy Buy Out Bond and Synergy Personal Pension