Synergy Approved retirement funds

We’ve made some improvements to the Synergy ARF to help your clients look forward to their future with optimism. These changes apply to policies started on or after 3 April 2019.

1. Rewarding loyalty

AMC reduction of 0.05% for customers who  had a  Standard Life pension for 5 years or more immediately before retirement

2. No EECs on cash withdrawals

Customers can take a cash withdrawal without incurring EECs where the gross allocation rate is 102% or lower

3. Competitive pricing 

Access MyFolio funds at 0.70% AMC at 102% gross allocation

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Target market

This product is suitable for clients who:

  • Want the potential for long term capital growth
  • Want access to their investment in retirement
  • Want a range of investment options
  • Want to leave the remaining fund to their estate when they die

In brief

  • Invest €10,000 or more
  • Top up €5,000 or more
  • regular income available

Investment options

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MyFolio Improved Pricing

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